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The purpose of a dish is to impress, surprise, and create a memory in the mind of the person who eats it. That he admires and captures the essence of what the dish represents and what it stands for.

With this purpose in mind, Yogi Indian cuisine makes it’s every dish. And the essence that the dish represents you ask? The Majestic land of India. The subcontinent with the richest biodiversity and the deepest and the brightest culture.

Through every dish, we at the best restaurant in Mandurah, Secret Harbour and Warnbro strive to take you deep into that magical world of India and make you feel its essence and let you embrace it every time you set foot in our restaurant.

So speaking of this, the next dish on the platter waiting to surprise you is Lamb Bhuna.

Bhuna, the Hindi word for making it brown, is a part of the Indian tradition which is followed by this dish. In India, it is a ritual to marinate the meat with the appropriate gravy and spices and then cooking it until it turns brown.

To prepare this dish first onion tomatoes and garlic are processed together to make a smooth paste and then it is cooked in a frying pan with oil until the onion turns brown. Then the lamb is stirred into the pan and then cooked up to the boil. Then the heat is reduced and it is let cook for 15 to 20 minutes. When the liquid left in the pan is half of the original, then the real process starts, which provides the Indian essence to the dish.

We then cook the lamb until it is brown the process known as “Bhuna”. Once the lamb is brown, then it is continued to cook for a while until the lamb turns tender.

And that is how we provide you the dish that you would admire, and bring the roots of India to you in a platter, and that too at an affordable price, in Mandurah, Secret Harbour, and Warnbro! So come to Yogi Indian Cuisine, and try out Lamb Bhuna, and many more restaurant specials to tickle your taste buds.

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