Special Rogan josh By Yogi Indian Cuisine

Kashmir, the Crown jewel of India. The heaven on earth. The most majestic place on the planet Earth. Known for its beautiful terrains, along with the mouthwatering and exotic dishes just like the place itself. When we at Yogi Indian cuisine promise to bring you the whole essence of India through our menu, there is no way one can forget Kashmir.

So the best restaurant in the Secret Harbour, Mandurah, and Warnbro brings to you Rogan Josh, and aromatic lamb dish originating from Persia, and one of the marquee dishes that describes Kashmir.

Making the dish based on lamp and alkanet root is a treat in itself!

The brown and fresh meat of lamb is heated along with a ginger and garlic paste in oil. Then more spices like cardamom are heated in the same oil after the meat is set aside from the oil. After those onions are put in and are fried in the oil for about 5 minutes. Then the fried meat is added, and stirred along with yogurt and then fried for 30 minutes. Then about 200 ml of water is added. Then all that’s left to do is wait for an hour while the juicy lamb cooks for an hour with the lid closed.

After that with the appropriate sprinkles your delicious rogan josh it’s served to you hot and delicious, that we always have to offer.

After all, this is what makes us at yogi Indian cuisine confident enough to deem ourselves the best restaurant in Secret Harbour, Mandurah, and now at Warnbro too!

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