Amritsari Fish At Yogi Indian Cuisine

Suppose you are throwing a dinner party. There is a lot to do in a party other than food too right? But what really impresses your guests is the food. So always, you would want something that is hassle-free and makes one lick his/her taste buds. Something that impresses people who taste it, and stays deep within!

So Yogi Indian Cuisine, the best restaurant in Mandurah and Secret Harbour presents to you Amritsari Fish. A mouth-watering, finger-licking delicacy from the streets of Amritsar in Punjab. A dish, that is ubiquitous in every nook and corner of Amritsar.

And now, it is here is Mandurah and Secret Harbour, as the restaurant specials under the best discounts, by Yogi Indian Cuisine!

Served with lemon wedges and chaat masala sprinkled over it, first the fish is battered in gram flour and fried until crispy.

At Yogi Indian Cuisine, the best taste lies in marination. In ginger garlic, yogurt and spices, fish pieces are marinated and left for 30 minutes. Then it is fried until golden brown.

To enhance the taste and keep the batter airy, we at Yogi Indian Cuisine use club soda. So why won’t we be the best? Best taste, best tricks to make the best of your dish, affordable prices and Indian food delivery at your doorstep. What else would one want?

So when you come to Australia, experience the taste of Yogi Indian Cuisine, the best of the best Indian restaurant in Secret Harbour and Mandurah

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