Mixed Vegetable Pakoras by Yogi Indian Cuisine

Some of the dishes need no description or promotion. They are one of a kind, are something so special, that it just penetrates the memory of the one who eats it, and dtays as an experience. There is one place, which works towards making every dish that is served to you, this special. The name is- Yogi Indian Cuisine. Among the best restaurants in Mandurah, and among the best in Secret Harbour, and why wouldn’t we be? We serve you the restaurant specials at such mouth-watering discounts, it’s a treat you can’t refuse!

So, to impress you further, we bring to you – Mixed Vegetable Pakora. Easy to make, but difficult to master like chefs at our kitchens, it is a mouth-watering Indian starter consisting of mixed vegetables, chickpea flour, and carom seeds. Whether it be any type of gathering, this is the best appetizer, to impress your relatives!

Coriander seeds and fennel seeds are powdered, and mixed with oil, salt, and chickpea flour, till it gathers a sandy texture.

Then, we add the main taste masters- our fresh-from-the-ground vegetables and spices, including spinach, eggplants, carrots, paneer, chili powder and chopped coriander leaves.

Then this paste is settled for 5 minutes to make a dough, and then deep fried, which then leads to the creation of the mouth-watering, and finger licking appetizer, Mixed Vegetable Pakoda.

So, want to experience this and many other exotic dishes from the roots of the Indian Subcontinent? So what better than the place which gives you Indian food delivery at the best restaurant discounts??

So call Yogi Indian Cuisine, grab a plate, and embrace this majestic culture.

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