Channa Masala By Yogi Indian Cuisine

Yogi Indian Cuisine, making its customers in Mandurah and Secret Harbour lick their fingers, now introduces its delicacy which will bring a ripple in everyone’s taste buds. With the motive to innovate and excite, and bringing to you the culture of India with a tornado of taste, we present to you Chana Masala.

Known as Chana, Cholley or Chholay Masala, this delicious dish has one flavor at its back to set the base- chickpeas. At Yogi Indian Cuisine, we look to provide this dish in the best way. So we choose a chickpea much smaller in size than the other chickpeas, which gives a stronger and much firmer flavor even when cooked.

This spicy dish with a citrusy taste hails its flavors from coriander and onion. With onion, chopped tomatoes, garlic, dried mango powder and garam masala, Chana Masala at Secret Harbour and Mandurah have been never better with Yogi Indian Cuisine!

So eat this dish, which hails from the Indian subcontinent but is served hot and stuns the taste of plenty in Pakistan and Morocco too at Yogi Indian Cuisine, your one and only stop for some of the most amazing Indian treats at the most pocket-friendly prices!

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