Mild Chicken Korma With Rice By YOGI

We, here at Yogi Indian Cuisine, stand to deliver, surprise, and bring out the most exotic Indian flavors right here at our restaurants in Mandurah and Secret Harbour. Our flavors, inspire and deliver you the most exotic service for your taste buds, to make you feel at home. So, presenting you a South Asian treat, Mild chicken Korma, consisting of meat or vegetables is here at Yogi Indian Cuisine with a special touch to bring new flavors to your taste buds.

Graced with light spices, adding to the word mild in its name, it is braised with yogurt or cream for the production of a thick sauce.

For bringing out the best flavor of Mild Chicken Korma to you, the chicken is deep fried with softly fried brown onion for 5 minutes. Then, it is stirred in simmer sauce at medium-high heat for 5 minutes. When brought to the boil, simmered and cooked with the lid closed, until the flavourous chicken cooks through.

Topped with curry and coriander leaves, the taste of our Korma leaves the one who tastes it spellbound.

What makes our taste special, are the exotic spices we add, to bring you the best taste which extracts from the different corners of the exotic country of India, which makes you savor the taste for the rest of your life.

Our chefs at Yogi Indian Cuisine will ensure, that once you enter our restaurant, you will leave it licking your fingers!

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