Gajjar Halwa With Vanilla Ice Cream

Gajjar ka halwa is probably one of India’s most popular traditional desserts that are adorned by everyone. It is a favorite all over Northern India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It is traditionally eaten during all of the festivals in India, mainly on the occasion of Diwali, Holi, Eid al-Fitr and Raksha Bandhan. It is served hot during the winter. When it comes to Indian food people are fond of spicy food and delicacies from different cultures. In this evolving world, Indian cuisine is also evolving with its interaction with other nations. So what if you get the combination of gajjar ka halwa and ice cream, the luxury dessert made of cream. Rich milk from certain breeds of cattle that defines the texture and flavor of ice cream.

Yogi Indian cuisine is one of the top Indian restaurants in Australia. If you are an admirer of legit Indian cuisine, well you have to try Yogi Indian Cuisine. When it comes to authentic Indian dishes we are King in the North of Indian cuisine. Yogi Indian Cuisine is the best restaurant in Mandurah when it comes to Indian food. Not every deli in secret harbor can serve you the best. Implicit in the operation of making ice cream with gajjar ka halwa is one delicacy you cannot say no to when the cold temperature of the ice cream combines with the warmth of nutty and flavorful gajjar ka halwa… you just need to inhale the indulging flavors of this dish.

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